Up-Goer Status Update #1

Up-Goer is finally coming together and we have some updates.

  • We have a launch date set for May 16.
  • A new recovery system is being tested on this launch, aiming to make proper chute deployment more reliable.
  • A prototype flight computer will fly to collect accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and GPS data.
  • Performance of this flight will be compared with our Simulink Dynamics model, and the model adjusted accordingly.

Expect some more pictures to be posted in the coming weeks.


Baywood Art and Science Expo

A few CPSS members went out to Baywood Elementary in Los Osos, CA for an art and science expo. We had students build their own bottle rockets, designing their own fins and nosecones from cardboard and construction paper. Everyone involved had a great time!WP_20150411_17_55_51_Pro