HM-7 Test Fire Successful

Cal Poly Space Systems conducted a successful short duration test fire of Hybrid Motor 7.

The design parameters of this engine are:
Thrust: 400 lbs
Burn time: 12 s
Fuel: Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB)
Oxidizer: Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

still frame

Check out just the burn here.
Check out the full test video here.

First HM-7 Test Fire Scheduled

After a very successful dry run of the motor test fire last Saturday, we are prepared to do it for real this Saturday (2/20)! Set up will begin on Friday (2/19) at about 3:30 p.m. We will be taking the trailer down to the prop lab and laying out some cable. Electronics set up will begin Saturday morning at about 9:00 AM.

The maximum occupancy for the control room is 10, limited to those conducting the test. We will have a livestream that will be viewable in the Aero Conference room (41-112) near the propulsion lab. The livestream will be available on YouTube, and will have views both of the motor and the control room.

An email will be sent out with the livestream link and the YouTube playlist on the Media page will be updated.

eWeek Club Showcase

National Engineer’s Week is happening next week, organized by our lovely Engineering Student Council. CPSS will have a booth in the Club Showcase, next Wednesday (2/24) from 10am to 1pm, located in the UU Plaza. Stop by to help talk about the club, or just to say hello!

There are events happening all week long, more information about eWeek can be found on the ESC website here.

Test Rocket & Trailer nearing completion

The first test rocket has been touched up and prepped for paint. Design of the second rocket, to test the parachute deployment system, has already started.

The trailer is nearing the test fire milestone. There is just 4 more tube bends to make and 2 fittings to install. After that, all that needs to be completed is the electrical. We are now waiting on just a few more parts to finally get the trailer fully operational. Over the next week the team will be finishing up the tasks outlined above as well as wiring the interconnects for the sensors. Assuming all goes to plan, next Saturday will be the full systems checkout for the trailer.