Separation Test

Cal Poly Space System’s successfully tested the separation device for apogee deployment of the drogue parachute. The mechanism uses a pyrotechnic charge to shear 8 nylon machine screws. The system will be flown on May 7 at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry site in the Mojave Desert.

Check out the video here.

Club Showcase

This year’s Open House Club Showcase was a rousing success, a big thank you to all the members that could come and talk to the incoming freshmen! We had a triple-booth this year to set up the trailer and (half of) the launch rail with Caution: Flammable. There was a steady stream of people interested in our display, from small children who like to press big red buttons to parents that work in aerospace. There were also several current students interested in joining, so keep an eye out for new faces.

Booth  LaunchRail

Test Launch and Open House Weekend

This coming weekend is an exciting one! Several of our members will be at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR) launch site to test the first two rockets: Lexington and Saratoga. Lexington is built for speed to test the avionics system while Saratoga is built to size for the separator test.

Lexington and Saratoga

The members that remain in SLO this weekend will run the CPSS booth at the Open House Club Showcase and the water bottle rocket launch activity. The Club Showcase booth will be as conspicuous as possible; we’re bringing the trailer down so we can set up the launch rail with the large Caution: Flammable rocket.