Spring Break Report

With Spring Break starting at Cal Poly we have good news to share about our IREC competition rocket development. We have completed multiple tests and have decided on the rocket name – CPSS will fly Kronheim at Spaceport America.

Multiple payload designs were considered in past months. The final decision is to develop a payload capable of collecting flight data for further development of the active guidance system. Payload design and manufacturing is mostly handled by the avionics team.


Payload bay CAD model

The recovery team finished mechanical design of the recovery system and started production of the main parachute. The team is preparing for a full system test, which will give us data to complete parachute sizing.

The system integration team has performed tensile testing of student made composite materials and has finalized design of the rocket structure. The fiberglass nose cone was manufactured a few weeks ago. Test flight honeycomb fins and the bulkhead are in production over break.


Tensile test results

With systems and recovery well on the way, we plan to perform a test flight at FAR on April 15, 2017. Goals of the flight include test of structural integrity of the rocket body, honeycomb fins and bulkhead, recovery avionics, and recovery mechanism. One of the major objectives is to observe shock during main chute deployment, the data will be used to finalize size of the competition drogue parachute.

The propulsion team finally has a  hydrostatic test procedure approved by University Environmental Health and Safety, thanks to our Student Safety Officer Chris Young. The combustion chamber was successfully tested to a Factor of Safety of 3, and the nitrous tank will be tested next week.

Assembled propulsion system. .jpg

HM7-Heavy test fire assembly

Ground Support team has been making final changes to the system. We have significantly improved safety by adding 3 relief valves and 4 pressure sensors in the GS box. Final modifications are planned to be completed in upcoming week.

Both Propulsion and GS are looking forward to perform a test fire in first few weeks of the Spring Term. Follow our youtube channel for test fire videos.