Fall Update

Since the conclusion of our last year, Cal Poly Space Systems has completed an overhaul of the propulsion system in our Kronheim rocket. Due to the national nitrous oxide shortage in early 2017, we were unable to complete all of our testing objectives and decided not to attend IREC. Our five test fires gave us very useful data, but we did not want to launch Kronheim without being sure of success. We are starting this year with much progress on the Kronheim rocket already completed. We redesigned our injector to optimize thrust, and have a tentative plan to complete a number of test fires before 2018. We have decided to keep HTPB and nitrous oxide as our chemical propellants, as the nitrous shortage will not affect us this year.

Our officer and lead corps is the most experienced group to lead the club in many years, and we expect swift progress in the completion of the Kronheim rocket. Much of our work thus far into the year has been in planning and preparing for our new members, as well as establishing a 2017-2018 timeline and schedule. We have split our new members into teams to design their cert rockets. We will attend the October Skies event in the middle of Fall Quarter to launch the certs in our annual egg launch competition.