Test Launch and Open House Weekend

This coming weekend is an exciting one! Several of our members will be at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR) launch site to test the first two rockets: Lexington and Saratoga. Lexington is built for speed to test the avionics system while Saratoga is built to size for the separator test.

Lexington and Saratoga

The members that remain in SLO this weekend will run the CPSS booth at the Open House Club Showcase and the water bottle rocket launch activity. The Club Showcase booth will be as conspicuous as possible; we’re bringing the trailer down so we can set up the launch rail with the large Caution: Flammable rocket.

Mechanical & Avionics Progress

The mechanical team has been setting up plans and test procedures for the Black powder Initiated Release Device (BIRD). This is the mechanism that splits the rocket so the parachute can be deployed.

The avionics team is working on assembly of the sensor board prototype and has finalized the design of a timer-based parachute backup board. The first test rocket will be testing our avionics at high-speed.