eWeek Club Showcase

National Engineer’s Week is happening next week, organized by our lovely Engineering Student Council. CPSS will have a booth in the Club Showcase, next Wednesday (2/24) from 10am to 1pm, located in the UU Plaza. Stop by to help talk about the club, or just to say hello!

There are events happening all week long, more information about eWeek can be found on the ESC website here.

Baywood Art and Science Expo

A few CPSS members went out to Baywood Elementary in Los Osos, CA for an art and science expo. We had students build their own bottle rockets, designing their own fins and nosecones from cardboard and construction paper. Everyone involved had a great time!WP_20150411_17_55_51_Pro

UP-GOER I Construction Begins

Up-GOER I Ejection SystemUP GOER I will be our new test bed rocket for experimental systems. We just began construction and expect it to be finished in two weeks. The configuration we will fly in June will test a new recovery system with a side ejected parachute, along with an active guidance system. Both will be integral components to SkyGuard. In this configuration we expect it to reach a modest 8,000ft.

Edit: The launch has been postponed until our organization has been unsuspended.    upgoSpecifications
Length              11′ 4″
Diameter          8.75″
Mass                 70lbs
Motor                M1939 (Aerotech)

HM 5.6 Hot Fire – Limited Success

With this test, we were expecting our first hot fire of HM 5.6, but we experienced a minor mechanical issue. The pneumatically actuated fire valve, which lets the nitrous flow into the combustion chamber, opened too slowly, preventing the motor from properly igniting. The valve will be inspected and repaired or possibly replaced with a pyro-actuated valve. Our goal is to have the hot fire completed by next weekend.

Succesful Cold Flow

We had a successful cold flow test of the HM 5.6 injector today. Our systems performed excellently overall with only a few minor hiccups. Using this data, we will be setting up for the hot fire test of HM 5.6 on Thursday.