Ground Support

The ground support team is responsible for preparing the rocket before flight or propulsion tests, acquiring data during testing operations and filling before launch, and communication between . They also build our test equipment to gather data during tests, such as pressure and thrust. The team works closely with the propulsion team to ensure that each system supports the other because in order to have a rocket with properly pressurized oxidizer tanks, the ground support team needs to successfully fill the tanks and disconnect the hoses leading to the rocket before launch.

This year, our ground support team has been working hard to upgrade our computer, HAL, to be even more reliable, be more organized, and have a better cooling system for our summer launches in the desert.

Last year, our rocket, Kronheim, didn’t launch because our fill tubes could not disconnect from the rocket after filling our tanks with nitrogen and nitrous oxide. Because approaching the rocket with high pressures would be extremely dangerous, we were unable to remove the tubes and unable to launch. This year, we designed and manufactured new “quick disconnects” that are much more reliable than the old ones.