Test Rockets

No system will be considered flight-ready in the FAR 1030 rocket without going through rigorous testing. The Test Rocket team is responsible for building and launching rockets to support the other subsystem teams and certify hardware and software that cannot be tested on the ground.

🅱️ronheim launched February 3, 2018 and was successful. It tested the recovery subsystem, avionics subsystem (particularly in-flight telemetry and radar tracking), and systems integration subsystem. Nose cone pressure data was planned but software was not ready. Assembly was quick and only took about an hour between arrival and launch. There was damage to the fins upon landing as expected but otherwise no problems.

Test Rocket Launch.png

Test Rocket in Flight.png

Test Rocket Landed Chute.jpg   Test Rocket Landed Nozzle.jpg

Test Rocket Fins after Landing.jpg   Test Rocket Landed.jpg

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