CPSS puts significant resources into the design and development of rocket motors. Our Propulsions Team handles the engineering, manufacturing, and testing of these motors. With a dedicated and hard working team, CPSS has the capability to build rocket motors to reach our goals as a club.


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Test Stand


This test stand gives us the capability to test our smaller hybrid rocket motors conveniently in the propulsions lab on campus. It has been used since HM 4 was first tested, and provides us with the data necessary to improve our hybrid motors. We have data acquisition systems set up to measure thrust, oxidizer tank weight, fill pressure, vent pressure, and combustion pressure.


Fuel Production

The fuel production team is responsible for assuring that our fuel grains are consistent and perform optimally.

mixing vatsThe mixing vat (left) and vacuum chamber (right) ensure that we get consistent fuel grains every time. The vacuum chamber is used to quickly vacuum the air from the mixing vat after mixing HTPB. The vat is then connected straight to the vacuum pump, where it is brought down to just a few mmHg to vacuum out any additional bubbles.

peristaltic pump

To pump the HTPB from the mixing vat to the grain mold, we use a peristaltic pump. This allows us to pump HTPB (which has the consistency of thick honey) into the mold before it cures. It is also very easy to clean after use because the only part in contact with HTPB is an easily replaceable hose.