The Team


President: Harrison King
Harrison King is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student. He has been a member of CPSS since winter of his freshman year, when he built and flew his level one cert rocket. Since then, Harrison has worked on club rockets, helped renovate the launch trailer and avionics, and served as club’s Vice President. This year, he’ll lead the team and make sure we meet our goals.

alaina_website.pngVice President: Alaina Standish                                                            Alaina is a third year Aerospace Engineering student. She has been a member of the club since her freshmen year, when she constructed and launched an October Skies competition rocket. She has been Recovery lead last year and has designed and manufactured the biggest parachute ever made by the club. As Vice President, she will assist Harrison in advancing the club and reaching our goals.

Wynton ISS PicTreasurer: Wynton Goulding
Wynton is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student. He has been a member of the club since his freshman year, when he constructed and launched a level one cert rocket. He served as the club’s Secretary last year. As Treasurer, he will maintain the club’s finances and ensure our ability to succeed in the competition.


Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 8.49.12 PM.pngSecretary: Patrick Chizek
Patrick is a second year Aerospace Engineering student. He has been a member of CPSS since his freshman year, when he participated in October Skies. He participated in the October skies rocket competition, and worked in Avionics team. As Secretory, he will maintain our documents, assist other officers, and help club’s day-to-day operation.

yar_webs.pngPublic Relations: Yaroslav Kurakin
Yaroslav is a third year Aerospace Engineering student. He joined the club his freshmen year, when he built and launched a rocket for the October Skies competition. Last year he was Test Rocket team lead and designed recovery and avionics test rockets. As PR Officer, he will maintain club’s social media, reach out to recruits and alumni, and help the club to be well known on and off campus.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amelia Greig

Team Leads

Propulsion: Yaroslav Kurakin
CPSS designs and builds its own rocket motors, and the propulsion team makes that happen. The dedicated propulsion team designs every component in the motor, precisely machines each one, and assembles them all into a functional hybrid motor.

Avionics: Harrison King
The avionics system is one of the most technically challenging components on the rocket, and CPSS designs and builds it completely in-house. We are one of a handful of university teams working on an active control system for a rocket, and the dedicated avionics team is responsible for making it happen.

System Integration: Alaina Standish
Complex systems require a great deal of support to work properly, and the systems integration team makes our success possible. They design rocket structures and components such as fin mounts and couplers, and build and test any mechanisms used in flight.

Recovery: Wynton Goulding 
The main purpose of any research and development team is to collect valuable data. In case of CPSS that data has to be collected in the flight and safely returned to the ground. Recovery team manufactures parachute and designed a way to successfully deploy it. They are in charge of safe return of our rockets.

Ground Support/Data Acquisition: Charles Van Steenwyk
The ground support team assures that the launch equipment is in great working order, and ready for every flight and ground test. They handle the data acquisition systems for the club’s tests and build our test equipment, like a test stand or mass model.

Payload: TBA
One of the requirements for the IREC rocket is to have a cube sat sized payload. It must be independent from the other rocket systems and have a creative scientific purpose.


Student Safety Officer: Chris Young
The duty of Student Safety Officer is to ensure the club’s safe operation. The Student Safety Officer coordinates safety documentation and consolidates safety information from experts within the club. The SSO has the right to stop any activity if the activity appears to be hazardous. Chris has been a dedicated member of CPSS since his freshman year, worked in the Ground Support team last year, and has a good understanding of hazards we deal with.