The Team


President: Lauren Fukaye

Lauren is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student and was the vice president last year. As President, she will manage the 30k rocket project, connect the club to industry, push CPSS to a higher standard of quality, and manage administrative aspects of the club. Since we are not competing this year, she aims to make sure our younger members learn as much as possible about design and get our club completely prepared for manufacturing and testing as soon as we get back in person.

Vice President: Kanan Karimli

Kanan is a third year Aerospace Engineering student. He joined the club in his first year and has been intrigued in hybrid rocketry ever since. During his first year, he was heavily involved in the propulsion and manufacturing subsystems. Last year, he was the safety officer. As Vice President, he will push the team to stay on track for our ambitious goals this year and make sure anyone who wants to be involved with the club has the chance to learn and be a part of our team. Kanan hopes to bring more organization to the club in order to provide a better place for learning about rocketry.

Treasurer: Michael Menendez

Michael is a third year Aerospace Engineering student and the propulsion lead. As Treasurer, he will maintain the club’s finances, reach out with industry professionals, and assist with grant writing.

Secretary: Will Coplan

Will is a second year Aerospace Engineering student and the avionics lead. As secretary, he is responsible for keeping the club organized. He hopes to improve archiving and documentation.

Public Relations Officer: Olivia May

Olivia is a second year Aerospace Engineering student and one of the ground support leads. She is in charge of representing CPSS for the Interclub Council and the Engineering Student Council. Olivia is also in charge of managing and maintaining the club’s social media and website. This year, she hopes to be able to recruit new members and assist in creating an engaging virtual environment for the club to work in during the pandemic.

Systems Engineering Officer: Will Henriksen

Will is a third year Aerospace Engineering student who joined the club in his second year. He loves problem solving and making things work, believing that rocketry involves a fair amount of both of these. Will is in charge of organizing, updating, and creating necessary club documentation and ensuring the club is designing to our requirements. This year, he will work to create a solid systems engineering foundation for the club so that future teams can work within a concise and organized system for managing requirements.

Safety Officer: Katie Dunnigan

Katie is a third year Aerospace Engineering student. This year, as the student safety officer she will ensure the club’s safe operation in both the manufacturing and testing systems. She will make sure all the procedural documentation is up to date and will ensure the safety of all the club members during all club activities.

Team Leads

Propulsion: Michael Menendez

Michael is a third year Aerospace Engineering student. As propulsion lead, he will oversee the design, manufacturing, and testing of the 30K project’s hybrid rocket motor. Michael plans to implement tools for the simulation of combustion and structural analysis to prevent failures in the prototyping stage. This year will also feature an emphasis on the design aspect to ensure more students learn about this critical system.

Avionics: Will Coplan

Will is a second year Aerospace Engineering major. His goal as avionics lead is to have fun with the system, but also to help the club build the best rocket we can by collecting the data that is most important. He plans on continuing to work with the current payload box design while making changes based on our data needs and requests.

Ground Support: Olivia May and Tanuj Vemuri

Olivia and Tanuj are both second year students who joined the club their first year. Olivia is studying aerospace engineering while Tanuj is studying electrical engineering. As ground support leads, Olivia and Tanuj are responsible for all of the operations surrounding the rocket in preparation for launch. Ground support is currently working on redesigning the computer that operates the ground systems, updating the valve box (used for fueling the rocket) to promote ease of access for repairs and modifications, redesigning the LabVIEW interface (used for data collection and rocket status display), and updating the lunchbox (used for arming and ignition) to implement better safety features.

Aerodynamics: Josh Zolkewitz

Josh is a third year Aerospace Engineering student who joined the club in his first year. He is passionate about the overall design, shape, and flight performance of rockets, and explores this passion as the aerodynamics lead for the club. This year, he will work towards completing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for the current rocket configuration as well as teaching more members how to perform it.

Recovery Systems: Wesley Salzman

Wesley is a second year Aerospace Engineering student who joined the club this year. We recently reorganized our subsystems to include recovery systems which specifically focuses on the recovery of the rocket after launch. This year, Wesley will work to update the parachute design and complete testing procedures and manufacturing plans for each part of the recovery system. He hopes to be able to manufacture and test the recovery system at the end of the year and make any changes as needed.

Structures: Jacob Lam

Jacob is a third year Aerospace Engineering student. We recently reorganized our subsystems to include structures which takes on the focus of the old composites team and parts of the old mechanical systems team. This year, Jacob hopes to take his experiences to design and develop standards for procedural documentation as well as share his knowledge of various composites with the club.

Manufacturing: Miles Grove

Miles is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student who joined the club in his first year. He has worked as 10k project manager, as the mechanical systems lead, as well as with the recovery system. He is passionate about anything that goes higher than 100km and marvels at the fact that we have the ability to put objects and people off of the only planet that we’ve lived on for millennia. This year as manufacturing lead, Miles will support the design teams with component design, material selection, engineering drawings, and manufacturing plans. He is excited to get back to production when the machine shops open again where he will be responsible for teaching team members how to use the tools and machines safely.


Joe Carpico Profile Photo

Faculty Advisor: Joe Carpico

Joe Carpico is an amazing source of knowledge and industry experience for the team. He has been involved with the team as Vice Faculty Advisor since coming to Cal Poly. Before joining us in Spring 2017, he worked on pre-launch assembly for Titan, Sea Launch, and Antares. Some of the classes he teaches are Senior Spacecraft Design and Launch Vehicle Design.

Dr Amelia Greig Profile Photo

Former Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amelia Greig

Dr. Greig has supported the team since she joined Cal Poly in Fall 2016. In university, she studied electric propulsion and developed the “Pocket Rocket,” which students at Cal Poly have continued development on. Classes she taught include propulsion, space environments, and several graduate-level Aerospace Engineering classes.