President: Eric Venenga

Eric Venenga is a 4th year Aerospace Engineer and a 3rd year member of CPSS. He is a former Ground Support team lead and Vice President. As president he will continue to expand industry outreach and push CPSS to improve quality and reliability.


Vice President: Chris Larkin

My name is Chris Larkin, I’m the vice-president and propulsion lead for the club. This year we plan to retrofit our current hybrid system to attempt to utilize the self-pressurizing properties of nitrous oxide to cut weight and complexity from the system. We also plan on designing a liquid bipropellant engine to build in future years. I’m excited to get to lead such a challenging and interesting project and look forward to learning about the process of designing an engine from scratch.


Treasurer: Tom Koenitzer

Tom is a fourth year aerospace engineering student. He joined the club in his third year, and has worked with the ground support and propulsion team. As Treasurer, he will maintain the club’s finances and ensure our ability to succeed in the competition.


Secretary: Colton Hook

Colton is 2nd year AERO student from Denver, CO who joined the club in his first year and participated in many test fires and cold flows. This year as ground support lead he will manage and improve testing and launch control equipment. In addition, as secretary he will take minutes of weekly meetings, maintain documents, and assist the upper leadership.

Public Relations Officer: Lauren Fukaye



Manufacturing Student Safety Officer: James Harper

The duty of Manufacturing Safety Officer is to ensure the club’s manufacturing practices are handled with safety in mind. The Manufacturing Safety Officer coordinates safety documentation and consolidates safety information from experts within the club. The MSO has the right to stop any activity if the activity appears to be hazardous. James previously assisted in test fires as a Range Safety Officer and has hours of experience working with chemically hazardous materials working with the propulsion team. He will ensure that all operations in the hangar are conducted with utmost care.


Testing Student Safety Officer: Tom Koenitzer

The duty of Test Safety Officer is to ensure the club’s safe operation. The Test Safety Officer coordinates safety documentation and consolidates safety information from experts within the club. The TSO has the right to stop any activity if the activity appears to be hazardous. Tom has shown dedication and commitment to safety since he began working during test fires.

Team Leads


Propulsion:Chris Larkin

CPSS designs and builds its own rocket motors, and the propulsion team makes that happen. The dedicated propulsion team designs every component in the motor, precisely machines each one, and assembles them all into a functional hybrid motor. Chris previously managed fuel grain pours, test fires, and chamber assembly.

Patrick Chizek Profile Photo

Avionics:Patrick Chizek

The avionics system is one of the most technically challenging components on the rocket, and CPSS designs and builds it completely in-house. We are one of a handful of university teams working on an active control system for a rocket, and the dedicated avionics team is responsible for making it happen. Patrick has worked on Avionics since he joined CPSS.


Mechanical Systems:Marius Jatulis

Complex systems require a great deal of support to work properly, and the systems integration team makes our success possible. They design rocket structures and components such as fin mounts and couplers, and build and test any mechanisms used in flight. Marius previously served as recovery lead, and will utilize his knowledge of mechanical systems to ensure that the rocket body and assembly are conducted effectively.


Ground Support/Data Acquisition:Colton Hook

The ground support team assures that the launch equipment is in great working order, and ready for every flight and ground test. They handle the data acquisition systems for the club’s tests and build our test equipment, like a test stand or mass model.

Kevin Profile Photo

Manufacturing: Kevin Chouinard

The manufacturing team is responsible for composites layups, machining parts, and organizing tooling/materials. They work closely with all other subsystems given that roughly 90% of every rocket is made in Cal Polys student machine shops

10K Rocket: Miles Grove


Dr Amelia Greig Profile Photo

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amelia Greig

Dr. Greig has supported the team since she joined Cal Poly in Fall 2016. In university, she studied electric propulsion and developed the “Pocket Rocket,” which students at Cal Poly have continued development on. Classes she teaches include propulsion, space environments, and several graduate-level AERO classes.

Joe Carpico Profile Photo

Vice Faculty Advisor: Joe Carpico

Joe Carpico is a new faculty member with a exciting history in launch vehicles. Before joining Cal Poly in Spring 2017, he worked on pre-launch assembly for Titan, Sea Launch, and Antares. Classes he teaches include Senior Spacecraft Design, and Launch Vehicle Design.